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Restore Wellness Home Care
Your Trusted Partner in
Compassionate Home Health Care


At Restore Wellness, we believe that everyone deserves the highest quality nursing care in the comfort of their home – and the best part? It's covered by most insurances and Medicare, often with little or no cost to you!


Say goodbye to the hassle of frequent trips to doctors' offices and hospitals. We bring skilled nursing care right to your doorstep, ensuring you can focus on your recovery while being surrounded by the familiar, comforting environment of your home.

Our dedicated team of highly trained professionals provides expert nursing care right in your familiar surroundings, whether it's your own home, a family member's residence, or an assisted living facility. With a qualifying diagnosis from your doctor, you can receive skilled nursing care that's not only of the highest quality but is also covered by most insurances and Medicare, often with little or no cost to you.

Our home health care services specialize in a wide range of treatments, including wound care, IV therapy, orthopedic surgery recovery, nutritional support, medication education, chronic disease management, palliative care, and more. Whether you're recovering from an injury, managing pain, or dealing with complex medical conditions, our skilled nursing care is tailored to your unique requirements.

We cater to patients who require specialized care due to various conditions such as dementia, recent falls, hospitalization, new medications, decline in mobility, chronic illnesses, joint replacements, surgeries, cognitive issues, and complex clinical needs. We also assist patients dealing with high-risk illnesses like COVID-19, diabetes, CHF, COPD, hypertension, infections, neurological symptoms, and cardiac diseases.

Comprehensive Services

Home health care is not a replacement for a patient’s primary care physician. Instead, Restore Wellness will work closely with a patient’s doctor, updating him or her along the way, as we work together to treat and resolve the medical condition. Since the medical professionals are visiting the patient at home, it allows that patient more time to focus on his or her recovery instead of traveling back and forth to a hospital, or even staying in hospital. For patients who live alone, home health care offers companionship and needed social interaction. It can also be a considerable blessing to a patient’s loved ones, easing the stress of care giving and providing a resource for more information and education. 

Depending on the doctor’s orders, a patient’s home health care may include some or all of the following services:

•    Physical therapy – helps to improve physical function and mobility
•    Occupational therapy – helps to improve the ability to perform everyday activities and tasks; to enhance independence
•    Speech therapy – helps one regain communication and swallowing abilities
•    Skilled nursing – registered nurses and licensed vocational nurses who are experienced in providing a wide range of medical services, such as drugs, wound care, disease and medication education, and more
•    Medical social worker - assists the patient or family with accessing resources for financial planning, meals, housing, etc. 
•    Home health aides – assist with personal care and hygiene 


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Qualifying for Home Health Care is Easy:

1. Consult Your Doctor

Check with your doctor to see if you qualify for home health care services. If you're unsure, we can help coordinate for a qualified provider to evaluate your condition wherever you are located.

2. Choose Restore Wellness

Select us as your trusted home health care agency, and your doctor will send us the necessary orders.

3. Receive a Comprehensive Assessment

Our skilled nurse will conduct a thorough assessment during the first visit and develop a personalized plan of care in consultation with your doctor.

4. Regular Monitoring & Adjustments

Subsequent visits will be scheduled as needed, ensuring your care plan is continuously monitored and adjusted to provide the best possible care.

Exceptional Care, Exceptional Support

At Restore Wellness, we understand that effective communication is key to successful home health care. We work closely with your primary care physician, keeping them updated on your progress every step of the way. Our team ensures that you receive the care you need while offering companionship and social interaction, especially if you live alone.


We go beyond providing care – we become family. Our compassionate team is committed to enhancing your quality of life, ensuring your safety, and supporting your overall well-being. Let us help you Restore Wellness and embark on a journey to improved health and happiness. 

Experience the difference with our home health care services – because you deserve the best care, right in the comfort of your home.

Our Partners

We are pleased to work with the following insurance providers:

Aetna Medicare Advantage
All Savers PPO
Amerigroup Medicare Advantage

Care n Care PPO
Care Improvement
Cigna PPO
Cigna OAP


UHC Oxford PPO
UHC Choice PPO
UHC Choice POS

UHC Community Choice HMO
UHC Direct HMO
UHC Golden Rule
UHC Student Resources PPO

At Restore Wellness, we thrive on
helping people recapture their quality of life.

We’re ready to join your care team.

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